Hardware and Software Integration
for the connected world
Hardware and Software Integration
for the connected world
Hardware and Software Integration
for the connected world



There are many software companies, but they don’t understand hardware well, and certainly not a component level.

There are many hardware companies, but they rarely manufacture in the USA.

Electrone can design. Build, and install.

Electrone can also assist with custom development.

Our Solutions

735 Keypad

POE network connection
Tactile rubber buttons
2 x 16 back lit character display
TCP/IP communication protocols
Optional, integrated, subsidiary serial device
Rubber buttons, or smooth wipe clean
Optional local 5v DC input
Configuration via Telnet

721 SMO


Access Control
ATM Machine

Self-service Terminal
Digital Lock systems
Cabinet Security
& Many More

Custom Development

Use Electrone’s extensive experience and applications expertise to speed the development of your next system integration project.

Silver Bullet Adaptors

Too often communication protocols are incompatible; this will require costly replacement. The Silver Bullet adaptors offer off the shelf solutions and are compact enough to retro fit into many situations. The USB-VCP to serial is a classic and the new Serial to Ethernet bridge offers an easy way to bring you serial communicating devices in to the internet of things.

DMX RMD OEM Powered Module

DMX communication is commonly used in Lighting and entertainment. In order to be able to manage devices the RDM ability is required. The DMX RDM OEM module is an ideal solution to facilitate full remote control of luminaries and other devices. (Available April 2015)


There is a selection of tracking technologies including mechanical, optical and laser. Sealing is available up to IP68, and leading-edge patented technology solution offers literally thousands of product configurations and options.


  • "As a company we have found in Electrone a reputable company that offers products of great quality. They are formal with delivery times, facilitate the process of purchasing and customer service is excellent. They are attentive to us as customers and offer the ideal products for our needs."

    BETSY PELAYOSisvol, S.A. de C.V.

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