Campuses are in need of the best security system. This is it!

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Imagine a situation when you are at the campus and are ghettoed by a bunch of bad boys who force themselves in the campus premises, trying to bully you on your first day?
You would surely like to skip the thought, wouldn’t you?
Now, if you have a ready integrated system that makes it easier to filter these Amoeba boys gang (Yes coming from The Powerpuff Girls cartoon fame), wouldn’t it be a much better place?
Just like this, there are number of instances where campus security is compromised and staff & students feel the need for a better place to be.
Another issue of concern is the time discipline, concerning everybody. Many people give a damn to coming on time, disturbing the decorum for the others too.

This it!
For times like these and many others, Electrone has a full proof security device – POE keypad access control. These security devices are highly efficient and are multifunctional to help the campus authorities manage security and access in a better way.

4These security devices work on TCP/IP communication protocols to provide a full network or internet access controls and provide a bi-directional communication (serial over IP Bridge).
These keypads have a special feature – in that the serial device can also be powered by the keypad. The complete management and control of this device remains with the administrator.
University & school Campuses are a better place for both students and teachers alike, thanks to this access control security device from Electrone. Go for It!

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