You can taint pharma product’ chemical procedures, but NO MORE!

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Matter of Fact – In 2010, a famous agreed to pay the government millions of dollars to settle civil and criminal charges that it manufactured and sold adulterated drug products to government health plans.


To be practical, there are no Good Manufacturing Practices when it comes to drugs and pharmaceuticals. True That!

To add to these woes, even competent authority analysis is not sufficient to ensure that the drugs you are using are un-adulterated.

Shocked? Evidently, you should be!

The problem stems from the fact that presently, no strict measures are in place to ward the labs and testing rooms of big pharma industries and manufacturing outlets. Anyone and everyone have easy access to the keep-out zone, making processes open to all. This makes processes vulnerable and prone to adulterations.

These and many other concerns have all been solved now!

1Electrone has brought in a reliable access control system which has impressed one and all – POE keypad access control. This has been a great intervention and has completely changed security solutions in the markets all around.

The full metal body, hard to tamper with, works on TCP/IP protocol. This gives the administrator internet access to control the functions of this device. Another feature of this innovative device is that it can be controlled as an electronic lock.

So your manufacturing units can be trusted with this full proof device that is controlled by the admin alone. Only selected entries in & out. Hence, no chance of adulterated procedures at your units.

Guaranteed Safety to you!


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