Cleankeys CK4W Wireless Keyboard with Glass Surface: The perfect keyboard for hospitals.

The new wireless glass keyboard is a perfect combination of elegant design, operating comfort and a high level of hygiene.
These German made keyboards feature a touch surface made of glass. This unit is particularly suitable for hygiene sensitive areas like hospitals, doctor’s offices and labs.

The complete flat and closed Gorilla® glass surface with IP65  protection allows for a fast cleaning with an easy wipe.
To avoid mis-use during the cleaning process you can disable the buttons of the keyboard by hitting the keylock button.
Maintenance of a high hygiene level is ensured with by a status LED which reminds the user to clean the keyboard surface after every 10,000 touches.
The capacitive keys are a long lasting technology. The small amount of force needed to push a button makes it perfectly usable for people with limitations on fingers or wrist movement.
With the sensitivity key you can adjust the release threshold to your individual needs.
The VESA-mount on the back allows easy integration.
In the wireless version, the state of charge is displayed in eight levels on the LED bar to keep you informed.

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