Dental surgeons are very particular about this equipment when it comes to keeping clinics highly sanitized, except your teeth.

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How long has it been that you have visited a dentist? Have you ever visited it?

This does not concern newborns! Yes, they apparently do not have tooth decaying bacteria.

Not that I’m a regular there but yes it is good to pay them a visit, before you pray to the tooth fairy to do a transplant instead. Why I mentioned this place as a temple? Well, it is because you should visit this place for its sanitized environment.


Jaw dropping fact?

Conventional toothbrush is a recent invention (1938).

A contrary fact?

Plaque in your teeth houses about 300 exclusive bacterial species. How about using Listerine twice daily?

Contrary to the contrary fact?

73% of Americans prefer going grocery shopping than floss their teeth.


So now you have the reason to visit a dentist! These are those gentle geniuses that help keep your mouth space clean. (Yes, they did invent the electric chair, but that can be a fluke, couldn’t it?)

In fact, keeping your teeth clean comes at a cost. (Not money) This includes proper hygiene rules and regulations in the clinic. Yes, as the dentists advices you to keep your teeth clean, shouldn’t he keep his premises clean to set an example how cleanliness helps?

1 in 20 inpatients have an infection related to clinic/hospital care.

Hence, cleanliness is dead important. From their sonic scalar to their cotton pliers, they have one very particular device that keeps infection out of the door. A keyboard!



Yes, but not an ordinary one. They are special dental keyboards with appropriate key spacing and easy wash ability to keep it clean and disinfected at all times.

Well, if you see them around in your dentist’ clinic, you are in safe hands for sure!

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