Custom Design and Development

Let us help you put your ideas in to action.

Do you recognize you issue?

  • Only one little part was damaged, do we have to replace the whole thing? Can we make a replacement for that part?
  • We can’t find spare parts any more, but we don’t want to have to replace the whole system now, can we make that part to keep it running?
  • It works, but we want it to be able to do, change, improve, a feature.
  • We need a part with these features:

Data input

  • Keypads – buttons, un-encoded, or in-coded, rugged, momentary, with display, illuminated, connect to local PC or internet
  • Keyboards – special signals, languages, user programable buttons


  • Voice over IP – hand sets, soft PBX,
  • Voice record and playback
  • Serial over IP – allow a serial device to be operated over the network or internet


  • Measure intervals, where intermittent operation is required
  • Control remote device, up to 440v
  • Memory on power failure, the device will restart where it left off in the event of a power loss

LED – economical lighting

  • 1 to 100 watt
  • Diming
  • DMX protocol

Data Logging

  • Continuous or periodic data capture
  • Monitor for exceptional behaviors
  • Sensors include, Temperature, current, voltage, flow rate

Other Custom

  • Metal and plastic enclosures
  • Special sequences
  • Special signals
  • Special combinations
  • Power surge protection

Hardware Assembly

  • Pre production
  • Initial batches
Módulo DMX
Silver Bullets