Diagnosis couldn’t have been done better in medical science. Thanks to this new innovative equipment.

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You must have heard – A contradiction cannot exist in reality!

Let’s check it’s validity with simple fact(s):

  • 1 in every 20 adult patients is mis-diagnosed at the hands of physicians (we are not referring to the medical assistants who actually are nothing more than tech geniuses)
  • Bats actually hone better skills when it comes to ultrasound according to Lazzaro Spallanzani (Let’s hope he had his reasons, valid ones)

Contradiction seems to emanate from the facts above as to who should be referred in times of need and precision?

Seems the great man, the speaker of the above line didn’t know medical science that well!

Not to worry, still there are good physicians who do not falter at performing ultrasound diagnosis. (If they are having a good day at office)

Maybe physicians need a helping Mind rather than just a helping Hand in the form of medical assistants. Yes, definitely.


Though, it is a proven fact that these rare species (assistants) cannot over think and go beyond their limited sphere of work, they still can handle tech more effectively than their fallible superiors.

Don’t you think a non-human entity can help these faults to come down considerably?

No. No. We are not talking about antibiotics or the wonder drug – penicillin. (They in any case aren’t for diagnosis)

Trackballs! Just like their name, they are very capable in helping physicians track and reach right conclusions and diagnose the patients (MRI scanners, Dentistry etc.) with their precision.


These devices are used in place of the very common mouse. Trackballs are effectively used in medical diagnosis, patient monitoring and in health care support equipment. The movement in the third axis (Z axis) is typically required when a zoom function is required for disease diagnosis in the most intricate areas of the human body. 


You can now be sure of a better diagnosis from now on!

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