Access control Keypads for Schools & Universities

Access control Keypads for Schools & Universities

How to maintain the proper decorum at school & universities?

Something that is taught the most at school and that forms the rudimentary lesson is the decorum in learning institutions. Be it school or a university, discipline is a must for students, teachers, and staff alike.

In schools particularly, time adherence is all important. Students are taught to give special importance to time whether it is start of school or in between classes. As a teacher or supervisor, you’d certainly like to control the access of each pupil entering class for your lessons. Even managing which set of pupils should be allowed in a certain lecture and ensuring that there is no haywire system prevalent in the school. Same goes for the staff members doing different chores of the school.

In universities, where the system is quite different from the schools, needs even better time management than the latter. Here access control is very necessary as many times there are unwanted pupils who get in to premises where or when they are not authorized. Managing this access can be a big task, the number of students, staff and other faculty have variable requirements for access.

POE (Power over Ethernet) keypads in institutions, is your solution to a full proof access control system. These are multi-functional keypads with full control to the host application to regulate access when and where required.

What is a POE keypad access control?

Better management of educational institutions requires your supervision as administrator. Hence, we bring to you a premium access control device with features as follows –

– Works on TCP/IP communication protocols to provide a full network or internet access controls.
– Provides a bi-directional network communication to your serial device, local to the keypad (serial over IP Bridge).
– The serial device can also be powered by the keypad.
– Best-in-class metal body
– Off Line mode – emergency access can be maintained in the event of network loss.
– Control of you electronic lock from the keypad.
– Optional power input, if your devices downstream to the keypad, require more power than is available on your POE line.
– Approx. 100 commands allow control of the keypad and your connected ancillaries.

Why should you go for this for starters or prefer this over the one you already have?

There are various defining characteristics that set this keypad apart from the one’ you have been using so far. It’s much better if you are trying it as a starter. Its advantages include –

– POE network connection for smooth flow of information and control.
– Fine metal body and good finish.
– Works in offline mode by giving 10 special access codes.
– A prominent feature includes auxiliary input power port.
– Full bi-directional control unit.

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