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TCP/IP 810 and 810 S

  • POE network connection
  • Desktop enclosure
  • 2 x 16 back lit character display
  • TCP/IP communication protocols
  • 810 S model, adds an optional, integrated, subsidiary RS232 serial device, both control and power
  • Subsidiary RS232 devise is powered and controlled from an RJ11 port on the side, pin out on spec sheet
  • The RS232 device is address with the same IP address but a different port number.
  • Configuration via configuration software
  • Tactile rubber  keypad or wipe clean flat keypad
  • Regulated 5v DC input (power supply available)

The Electrone 810 TCP is equipped with 16 keys and a 2×16 character LCD and TWO RJ45 sockets for network use. Easily ‘daisy chain’ into an existing installation without running additional cables.

The TCP model the unit offers Client or Server Modes leaving the options open to the user to create the perfect application.

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