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Allows the host PC to connect to a USB port, but communicate with an application via a COM port. This facilitates bi-directional communication.

A driver will be loaded on the host PC. The application can send characters to the screen and also commands to clear or otherwise control the screen


Plug and play, unit will display keystrokes and send when enter key is pressed. The user can see the numbers entered and use a backspace to correct, the ‘enter’ will send and clear the screen.

For the application the USB HID can be ordered with or without a trailing CARRIAGE RETURN


All the features and convenience of the 735 units with the facility of TCP/IP over POE.  This unit requires connection to the POE switch.  Client or Server modes, fully controllable by a remote application.  Control via Telnet or configuration software (depends on model selected).  If POE is not available then select with 5v DC input, as model 735T-CP5v.

Serial, RS232

The traditional and easy to use Serial version is ever popular.  It provides the convenient bi-direction communication to allow use as a mini terminal.

It can also be supplied to run from the 810s RJ11 port should you need to have two units.

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