Discover Electrone’s Industrial and Medical Keyboards for professional usage

Clinical: Washable Keyboard

Dust and waterproof keyboard
Can be completely disinfected
Soft and comfortable typing
Good quality and cost-effective
Individual modifications on demand

Stainless Steel Panel Mount Keyboard With Full Layout and 38-MM Trackball

Ergonomically designed keyboard with 105 keys
• Integrated 38-mm-Trackball
• Positive tactile feedback
• Robust and durable
• Resistant to dirt, dust, and liquid (IP65)
• PS/2 or USB interface available

Panel Mount Mini Keyboards

9005R, shown, full function mini keyboard for panel mounting. Also available, full-size keyboard with metal perimeter for chemical resistance. IP rated; optional additional trackball, with illumination and water resistance.

Wireless Glass Keyboard With Combined Touchpad/Numpad for Hygenic Control

• Long-lasting quality
• Attractive design
• Cleaning and disinfection by spraying and wiping
• Suitable for use in hygiene-critical areas like operating theaters at hospitals or food laboratories
• Individual customization like logos, specific symbols or country layouts

Washable Mouse

Robust full silicone mouse with laser detection
Complete cleanable and sanitizable
Can be even immersed into detergents

Industrial – washable and suitable for use with gloved hand

Silicone keyboard with 86 keys
• Integrated mouse button
• IP68 protection can be submerged into liquids
• VESA mounting on request