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9005R – Panel Mount Mini Keyboard, Membrane

The 9005 arranges the 9001 on to a metal chassis than can easily be fastened from below the consol. The 9005 can be ordered with moving keys or a flat wipe clean keyboard to suit your application

  • Mini panel mount
  • Full size panel mount
  • Panel mount with track ball
  • Full size with chemical protection perimeter
  • Panel mount mini keyboard with wipe clean membrane
  • Metal chassis
  • Full featured, customizable
  • Low power consumption: 5V from keyboard port
  • Interface: USB, PS/2
  • Embedded numeric pad accessed via num lock also available with moving keys.
  • Width: 273mm (10.75″) height:167mm (6.56″)
  • Foreign languages layouts

                       PS/2 or USB connector

TKS with Edge Protection 50MM Trackball

  • Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)
  • Chemical, abrasion and scratch resistant frontsheet
  • Front panel with oil-edge-protection
  • Key emboss frame
  • Positive tactile feedback
  • 50mm track ball, optional liquid resistance
  • 105 keys
  • PS/2 – USB interface
  • DIMENSIONS 482.6 x 177.8 x 61.3
  • Switch travel 0.3mm

Electrone 9001 mini keyboard

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