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• Long-lasting quality
• Attractive design
• Cleaning and disinfection by spraying and wiping
• Suitable for use in hygiene-critical areas like operating theatres at hospitals or food laboratories
• Individual customisation like logos, specific symbols or country layouts
• Wireless, cable free operation

Pristinely Clean & Wireless
• Cleankeys® helps keep both staff and patients safe from pathogens. With a smooth surface that’s free of deep grooves and gaps for germs to hide in, Cleankeys really is the world’s easiest keyboard to clean.
• Cleankeys® converts one of the dirtiest surfaces in your facility to one of the cleanest. And the new patent-pending
• CleanSweep™ monitoring software helps keep it that way.

The Touchpad-Numpad
• CK3-15 includes a first of its kind; an integrated touchpad, that also doubles as a numeric keypad. The user has the function of a full size numeric keypad, as well as full mouse control with a touchpad, while keeping the keyboard footprint as compact as possible.
• In addition to the above features, there is also scroll functionality on the outer edge of the touchpad. All of this adds up to a full function, multi use keyboard device. No need to also have a mouse in your already compact space .
• Smaller Foot Print
• With the integration of the touchpad and numeric keypad,and with the limiting of the edit keys, we have managed to keep a full size keyboard, that takes up as little space in
• your work area as possible.

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