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A fully featured control module for your DMX 512 RDM requirements. DMX is popular protocol in the Lighting and entertainment industry and this module will greatly enhance the capability of most devices.

This module will allow you to control, power, monitor and even cool your device. A small 65mm square form factor will allow implementation in even confined spaces.

On board LEDs and reset button will make installation light work for a single technician and you output DMX can be via connector or terminal block. An on board switch will allow the selection of terminating unit when installed.

Input voltages are accepted from 8v to 40v DC and dimming control 3000:1 PWM

Power devices up to 50 watts with this module, and LED array voltages up to 75v are possible. A range of protections and an on board temperature sensor complete this very comprehensive module.

(Available October 2016)

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