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TBS50F2 – Stainless steel, vandal proof

Our range panel mount trackballs includes the 3 button, TBSF50F1 and TBS50F2, 50 mm Vandal proof Trackball. This is a directly compatible to PS/2 and USB ports. The unit is sealed to IP65.

The TBS50F1 and TBS50F2 are highly ruggedized professional trackballs. The units are specially designed for harsh industrial environment applications: the self-adjusting PFTE seal of the trackball guarantees an IP65 static (ball in rest) protection grade. This track ball has a large diameter, which makes this unit ideally suited for all applications which demand accurate pointer control.

The track ball has an all metal look, the front being made of brushed stainless steel. It has three buttons; the TBS50F1 uses piezo switches which are practically indestructible and completely sealed. The TBS50F2 uses three anti-vandal, stainless steel, IP65 sealed pushbutton switches with a momentary contact which make easy “drag and drop” possible.

Carrier plates and housing are metal (aluminum and steel).

The units can be directly connected to PS/2 or USB ports. They comply with the most common formats.

Smaller and lighter duty units are available.

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