Save time and money with our superb PIN entry solution for schools, the desktop keypad. Easy to install and processing transactions in seconds, our desktop keypads are durable and reliable.


The most time-consuming element of the cafeteria lunch queue is processing payments. Fumbling with loose change can be a major headache. Some high schools have 1,400+ students going through the school cafeteria during lunch. The elimination of slow and unhygienic cash payments requires account systems and a PIN entry method.


Speed up your lunch process

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We offer schools the opportunity to streamline your lunch process by helping to remove cash from the process and installing hard-wearing desktop keypads. Students collect their lunch, enter their unique PIN and they’re done. No cash, no errors and time saved. Payment is recorded electronically and billed to the student’s account.

# Odin, Inc. uses Electrone 735 Desktop Keypad for PIN entry

School Point of Sale specialist, Odin, Inc. improves the transaction process with the Elect rone 735 keypad for PIN entry.

“The Electrone 735 keypad and Odin’s point of sale solution make a great combination to speed the processing of transactions” says Valerie Spencer of Odin.

Odin specifically uses the desktop keypads in school cafeterias around the country so students can enter their PIN numbers to quickly checkout of the lunch line and not handle cash. The schools like the keypads especially with younger students so they do not have to issue and carry a student ID card. This can potentially save the school money by not providing cards to all the students and the regularly requested replacement cards.

Odin also offers a variety of complete turnkey solutions and on-site training to handle schools needs such as POS, Debit, Cafeteria, and Web portal for parents to deposit and view transactions, portable devices for remote transactions and imaging systems for student ID cards.  Odin has been providing POS systems to primarily independent schools for over 20 years. They are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Odin not only provides custom software tailored to each school’s needs, but also hardware including Electrone desktop keypads. Odin provides a one-stop shop for setting up any school or college POS system.

 Need a complete Point of Sale solution? Contact Odin, Inc. on +1-617-868-3060 to benefit from Electrone desktop keypads in your school or college.
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Want to get your hands on Electrone washable keyboards for your business? Contact Sales on +1-561-395-3398.


Research has shown that keyboards with mechanical keys harbor an alarming amount of harmful bacteria.   If you are involved in any medical or food-handling situation then you may need a washable keyboard.

Not only washable, you can easily disinfect the flat wipe clean keyboard by Electrone.

SILVER BULLET – SERIAL TO ETHERNET BRIDGE enables access to the internet of things, IOT

# Adds contact closure (relay control) allowing internet control of devices with no communication protocol!

The Silver Bullet, our Serial to Ethernet Bridge continues in development.  A small number of Mk I units are in the hands of testers now, and others who have expressed an interest in evaluation units are awaiting the Mk II units.

The Mk II units will see the addition of TWO double pole relays, each capable of handling 5 Amps and 240v AC or 60c DC.

This new feature will allow devices with no internal communication ability, to be controlled over a network or internet. Now relatively simple devices can be connected via the Internet of Things.

Do you want to become a tester?

We are still offering evaluation units as soon as they become available for those interested in testing the device. Please let us know if you want to join the list for an evaluation unit or if you have a specific request for functionality.

Become a Silver Bullet tester or request additional features by contacting Electrone Americas on +1-561-395-3398.