Looking for a better check on your employees other than outsiders? Experience this

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5In the lunch time, the office canteen seems to have more heads than payroll counts!
This mis match stems from the fact that manual guarding is not much help when it comes to offices and corporate check points. Guards and security personnel are not efficient enough to filter out the non-entrants.
It’s 10:20 and still half the office seems empty!

Got any fresh excuses?
Moreover, tardiness at work may be a habit for employees, but a sure nuisance for the employers. Turning up late at office hours and sneaking in quietly is a quality honed by many.

Oh Yes, not to forget.. Office security too!
It is low on the list of many who do not pay much attention to this aspect, until an incident.
For such tardiness, callousness and high-end security concerns, Electrone brings out a relentless & reliable security device. The POE keypad access control is a device that handles and caters to all your security concerns at work place.
This reliable and full proof device that is easy to install and work upon is fully programmable with multiple functions.6

Yes, it works on TCP/IP protocols, hence fully controllable through internet access.
Even better – It can be used in ‘offline mode’ too. Exactly, it is programmed to give you access when there is no electricity or internet access and a lot more..
Keep access control to you and yourself alone. Be the Boss now! Experience it!!

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