Machine Minding: Use the 735 PoE to capture operational information from multiple remote locations.

Two factories, in different countries, making similar products. How can you monitor productivity over long distances? Our 735 PoE will do it for you! This keypad will not just communicate directly with a local operator; it can also communicate over the internet so information can be gathered remotely from a single central location.

Information gathered can be sent over the network, internet, or VPN to a host application that arranges the information into reports. That information can trigger communications with necessary staff for reporting or maintenance. Data can be timestamped, and is constantly monitored for immediate response.

We will work with you to configure the keypads and create the app needed for communication with multiple remote locations. Your app can also send instructions to the display of any specific keypad for the local operator. 

Keypads can be customized to include a serial port. This can allow for connection to local printers, magnetic stripe card readers, etc. We can help customize your keypad network to your unique company needs. 

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