This is much better than other industrial tools and more accurate too!

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Interestingly, though shockingly, many of the workmen’ tools used to this date, are actually an invention of the Roman Empire!

Just consider this – Ancient Greeks used an ‘industrial tool’ in their machinery. Any guesses? Yes, screws!


Don’t you think present day humans are better than people in that age when it comes to knowledge? Well, yes, definitely not in the tactics of wars for sure. Since, industrial revolution kicked in, the human brain has sharpened its edges to write a technically advanced chapter in its history.

Precision has always been desired by humans at work, to better their efforts and outputs. Be it those sharp edged tool implements used for hunting by early man or todays computer age gadgets. The mouse has been around for about half a century now, and has contributed immensely more than what can be expected with a pointer tool.

With times demanding a better device than mouse, as dimensions are added in different processes, it renders it useless at times.

So what’s next?

The answer is with Electrone! No, not the chemistry one, please!7

It’s the Electrone’ Trackballs! These devices come with attached sensors that track the movement of the ball. These are optical trackballs that are water resistant too and are reasonably durable when comes to use in industrial environments. The trackballs come in handy with industrial works like processing, automation, metal processing, automotive and many others.

The best feature – This device adds the 3rd dimension to the processes, which was not possible with the mouse.

Get updated! Add new dimensions. Add precision. Buy Electrone Trackballs now!

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