Roadmap to a Custom Project

It can feel overwhelming to try to find a custom solution to a unique problem. Specific challenges often can’t be addressed with an out-of-the box product. The process of figuring out a solution to a unique or challenging problem is a collaboration between Electrone and our clients. 

What do we need from you?

It starts out with a non-technical dialogue, to outline the specific need or problem and the expected outcome. We’ll work with our team to start to propose some potential solutions, consulting with you along the way. Of course we’ll keep technical and logistical barriers in mind, and consider all aspects of the project. Once we come up with an idea that we all agree might meet your needs, we’ll put together a summary and price for the proposed project. Then it’s time to get down to technical details.

What technical details do we need?

We’ll need specific details of your starting point. If detailed drawings don’t exist, we can guide you in finding the information we need. We can put together technical specifications and make sure that the proposed solution meets them. 

How long will it take?

The design and proposal process for a very simple project could be as little as two weeks; a more complex project may require more time. Any production required is not included in these estimates.

When does formal commitment happen?

Once you’ve received our proposed solution and pricing, it’ll be time for you to decide if you want to move forward. 

How is pricing determined?

Pricing depends on the project of course, but also on how much we take on. This depends on the number of disciplines involved (mechanical, electrical, software). Typically custom projects span more than one discipline.

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