Solutions, Solutions, Solutions: Available connections for the Electrone 735 keypad with display – TCP/IP – PoE; USB VCP or HID and Serial/RS232


  • Easy bi-directional communication*
  • USB VCP, allows the the keypad to connect to a USB port, but communicate with an application as SERIAL via a COM port.
  • TCP/IP allows you to gather information over a network or even the internet.  Ideal for industrial’machine minding’, and delivey of internet services.
  • Plug and play, the USB-HID unit, will display keystrokes and send when the enter key is pressed. Ideal for use with a standard program.
  • The key pad can be customized for you specific application
  • The back lit 2 x 16 character display is controlled by your app

Please ask about wall mount, and network switch equipped versions

* The USB-HID is the only version that does not allow application control of the screen.

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