735 and 810 Keypad with Display

735 and 810 Keypad with Display

An economical, dedicated, bi-directional mini terminal

After social media, the next big thing is web based services. These are diverse but have the common features of a Web portal, a purchase of goods or services, and a delivery. So, banks can deliver via a mobile app, that is easy as long as you have a smart phone and not tangible product.
But, if you want to order dinner to take out on a busy evening, a busy Chef is not going stop to review his emails or text messages. Here the solution would be for the portal to send the order directly to the kitchen via the 810 keypad. The order can print on a connected printer so the instruction can join the others chef is working on. The 810 keypad can also be used to send back confirmation or indicate, for example, a ‘ready to collect’ time.

They can also be used for a cash-less account system. If the retailer and the universe of customers are always about the same, then avoid the costs and hassle of regular credit cards and set up a prepaid, or pay-roll-debit, account system.

The 735 family is ideal as it meets the universal needs:-
• keys to send data and answers
• display to show responses and instructions
• rugged liquid resistant construction
• suitable for low light installations
• customizable
• made in the USA
• Many thousands in service

The features include
• 17 keypad
• 2 x 16, backlit, character display
• choice of communications protocols
o USB HID (plug and play)
o USB VCP (serial over USB)
o RS 232, serial
• Also available 810, TSP/IP with 2 port switch to daisy chain

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