Access Control Keypads for Airports, rail and bus stations

Access Control Keypads for Airports, rail and bus stations etc.

How important is public access and regulation in public transport areas?

Public areas are prone to many accidents and managing these places is a herculean task in itself with so many points where tight security is required.

Airports, rail and bus stations are one of the busiest places where there is always a horde of visitors thronging in and out. As a person who has to keep a watch over any suspicious activity or mischief happening in any part of the premises is not an easy task. Security issues are becoming critical and a primary concern for the supervisors. They have the responsibility to track as to where, when & who have the access and to regularly shuffle the passwords to provide utmost security.

Such critical public spaces require proper monitoring and access restriction that can be facilitated by a device like POE access control keypads. These are specially designed to provide the administrator the complete access to regulate control as and when required.

How useful is a POE access control keyboard for such areas?

As an access control system working on POE (Power over Ethernet) mechanism, this product is a cut above its peers when it comes to the security standards that you should maintain where it matters the most. They possess certain features like –

– Operable in both client and server modes.
– Backlight feature adds on to its operability in dim light.
– A product made up of robust metal keypad.
– Can also setup to control an electronic lock.
– It has a serial over IP Bridge.
– For complete control, you are provided with almost 100 commands.

Why this access keypad is sure to be a success for such areas more than other controllers?

The most promising qualities and attributes of this fine piece of technology is only evident from the following facts that help it score over other access control systems –

– Full bi-directional control of unit to provide an easy flow of information to the host controller.
– The system keypad is no ordinary one but is a high quality ATM type keypad with a robust metal enclosure to keep away damages.
– It also has an auxiliary input power port.
– Provides emergency access even in offline mode when the network gets lost and simultaneously records the activities.

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