Access control keypads for corporate offices and banks

Access control keypads for corporate offices and banks

Why corporate offices and banks require such sophisticated systems for security?

Corporate offices and institutions like banks are places where there is a strict control over visiting people and even the personnel who work in the office.

Such professional places are highly secured areas for they are prone to thefts and industrial competitors’ spying activities. These professional establishments are required to maintain privacy as per the legal requirements.

The first line of defense is controlling the access at entry and exit points. The thefts happening are unprincipled, more often than not, hence, right to access has to be regulated with the access control system. This provides the information about the access and matches it to the pre-defined set of rules to allow or deny access.

Highly restricted areas like these, in need of special access control, is conveniently managed with POE enabled access keypads. This is an up to date technology that gives you a fully flexible control of security.

What is a POE keypad access control?

This is a special access control device designed to give a top notch security and feature rich device to meet the needs of banking, medical and financial institutions around the world. The features of this modern, technological system include –

– POE (Power over Ethernet) communication over a network or internet that enables a far more flexible access control systems that is otherwise attainable.
– A top class robust metal enclosure to save the device from mis-handling and tampering.
– Bi-directional control unit.
– Premium quality ATM type keypad.
– It also has a serial to Ethernet Bridge.
– Provides local control and power of an electric lock.

Why this product is a trend setter and way better than normal security locks?

Security aspects of big organizations be it private or public, needs robust mechanisms. This highly reliable piece of technology ensures the utmost safety of your work place with precision. The proof of being a leader in it class is due to the following factors –
– TCP/IP network protocol used for uninterrupted connectivity over long distances.
– Easy to communicate via over 100 commands.
– Has a special feature in offline mode, wherein you are given a special access code which can be later downloaded & inspected by the host.
– A full functional 4 x 20 character backlight display.

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