Access control keypads for Domestic use

Access control keypads for Domestic use

How access to your house can be difficult with the right technology?
Leaving your house can become a matter of concern when you know there is no one to look after it in your absence.

Domestic security is either entrusted to the guards of the community if you are living in one or if you have a trusted neighbor, you ask them to keep a watch on your premises. Both the options have a limited assurance of safety. Burglary is quite common these days and it requires a better security, not in terms of manual guards but upgraded technological systems to bring up the assurance of safety.

Access control keypads provide the best security solution for residential purposes other than its industrial usage. These are specially designed POE enabled communication networks that enable you, the owner of the house, to take over as the guardian and control the safety of your abode.

How effective are POE access control keyboards?

Needless to say that these are highly sophisticated, easy to use keypad access controls that have POE (Power over Ethernet) communication technology for controlling the access to the visitors to your house. It ensures safety with features like –

– A very useful feature is its offline mode accessibility where there is a special access code when there is no network connection.
– Backlit, mini, fully functional character display that is clearly visible day & night.
– You can easily open and close an electric lock or any other serial device using serial to Ethernet Bridge.
– Comes in a tough metal enclosure which makes you tension free with respect to your domestic security concerns when you are not around.

Why should you prefer this over other security systems for domestic access control?

Putting your domestic security in safe hands would be your priority and choosing the best for this purpose is a must. POE access control systems are without doubt the best and most reliable security systems available today. This is why –

– Offline mode special access in case of emergency and lost network connection.
– Bi-directional flow of information.
– It comes in handy as it can be used as an electric lock also other than just being an access control device.
– It has a metal, vandal resistant keypad to prevent damages or any mischief or mishandling.
– It can be configured via configuration software.
– It includes a serial bridge so you can access a serial port, over the network or internet, at speeds of over 100k*.

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