Access control Keypads for Hospitals

Access control Keypads for Hospitals

Finally a better way to manage staff and patient movements, in hospitals?
It’s a big task to manage lives in hospitals. The onus is a big one. This managerial tasks are not only limited to patients care, it also encapsulates other factors that can support or hinder the medical duties of the staff.

There is a 24×7 movement of people, staff, visitors and doctors in hospitals and clinics. There has to be a mechanism to control the access to certain parts / rooms of the hospital. The access to rooms of intensive care unit, blood banks in hospitals, and other sensitive areas where only the authorized should be allowed an entry, has to be under supervision.

This regulation is important as hospitals are places where access to certain things and places is critical to the doctors as any mishandling or mischief on an outsider’ part could put lives at risk. All types of medical facility have legal privacy responsibilities.

Why show complacency on such an issue. Go for POE (Power over Ethernet) keypad access control systems. A highly reliable access control system to enable you with complete supervision of every nook and corner of the hospital. You get to supervise and allow who can access or who could be restricted from sensitive areas. The device can also be adapted to control certain types of equipment.

What is a POE access control system?

A fully automated access control system, operated and controlled by the host for regulating the visitors to certain sensitive areas of the hospitals. POE keypads are designed to work on TCP/IP communication network for transmission of the data and managing access control over authorized and unauthorized entries.

What proves the prowess of these keypads for all your accessibility concerns?

Manual supervision is no longer a trusted source of guarding things / places. For places as sensitive as hospitals, one needs to take over the control of access on his own. POE keypads are the way out. They provide features like –

– Control power on and off to certain devices directly from the host application with 723 SMO (SQL Management object).
– Bi-directional signal function.
– A robust metal enclosure to avoid tampering / damage from miscreants.
– Fully functional 4 x 20 character display controlled by the host application.

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