Access control keypads for Pharmaceutical industries

Access control keypads for Pharmaceutical industries

Why even medicine producing units require modern access control units?
The Pharmaceutical Industry is a hub of developmental medicines. These developments lead to great innovations as they turn out to be the life savers and prolongers of numerous people around the world.

Apart from the technological advancement, the pharma industry demands better security management. This is highly crucial as any mis handling or adulteration of the product in the process of its manufacture, may lead to dangerous consequences. Access to the production inside the factory should only be provided to staff and the management concerned. The approved personnel can accordingly change the access restrictions as and when required, day or night.

Such security concerns call for access control keypads that use TCP/IP protocol for their communication network. These are state of the art modern security systems to provide a full proof access control mechanism directly to the host application user. The demands of the modern work environment require a device with sophisticated communication and an extensive command set.

What are POE access control keypads and its functions?

Strictly speaking, POE (Power over Ethernet) keypad is a high class tech security system that gives the host application full control over the access of visitors. Its features include –

– Fully functional, 4 x 20 character display, with back light to ensure visibility.
– Full robust metal body enclosure to prevent any tampering or damage.
– It also features an ATM type keypad unlike the normal keypad to resist vandalism.
– It also has a bi-directional control unit for a two way information flow supported with some 100 commands.

Why these POE enabled keypads are way ahead in terms of security management than the normal systems?

Amongst all the security systems prevalent in the market, these are top notch access control systems that give an assurance of full proof security. A few standout features of this highly sophisticated system are –

– A special offline mode is provided to record access attempts and permissions during times when there is no network connection. It provides special access codes at those times which can be downloaded later by host application.
– It has an auxiliary power input port.
– It can be configured using configuration software.
– It has an electronic lock and serial port to Ethernet Bridges, accessed via RJ11 connectors on the back.

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