Access control Keypads for recreational centers

Access control Keypads for recreational centers

How to make sure non-members don’t make it in?

Managing your place of work during office hours can be a task. Notwithstanding the working hours, a big headache is during the non-working hours to keep a control over who has access to your work place. A large number of staff working for you is a boon and it turns a bane when there are accessibility concerns as to who should make it in and who should be restricted to do so.

Similar is the case with accessibility of the non-authorized apart from staff, like the people who visit the country clubs, theatres, community centers and other recreational centers. As an owner you’d certainly like to keep a bird’ eye view to let in only those that have paid / authorized to come in to avail your services.

It’s time to change the bird’ eye view to a hawk’ eye view. You can control your audience’ and even your staff’ access with POE (Power over Ethernet) network keypads. This provides a host of different access controls to give the host program full authority of the work place.

What is POE keypad access control?

A multi-functional access control system to make you the supreme authority of your work place which otherwise you would have to delegate to some other person. Its features include –

– Global access control for a complete control over authorizing entry and exit.
– Control and power directly at your disposal through 723 SMO.
– The device can be set up either as a client or a server.
– An anti-vandal keypad to avoid the troubles of being damaged or being tampered.

How this keypad scores above the other access control systems in the market?

The various features that separate this piece of technology from the other routine options available in the market are as follows –

– Provides 10 special access codes when in offline mode i.e. when there is no network / network lost.
– It provides a comprehensive display terminal controlled by the host application directly.
– Comes in a robust metal enclosure to avoid damage or cannot be tempered easily.
– Auxiliary power input port available
– ATM quality keypad to provide a seamless functioning and usage.
– The device can also be adapted to control certain types of equipment you may want to monitor or restrict the operation of.

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