Industrial Keyboards

Industrial Keyboards

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At your factory or office, there is always a good amount of chance that things wear out very soon due to a regular and rigorous usage. If you possess a factory which deals in chemicals, or a factory that manufactures something that requires hazardous substance in the process of making it – you will surely have a big concern that such things might travel all the way from the room of operations to the place of your work or your cabin. A factory in a place which is vulnerable to a lot of dust or has multiple people using the same equipment has a good chance that its rugged use might wear it down soon enough.

For reasons and conditions like these, there is a need for an industrial keyboard in the market today. The keyboard provides a solution to the above problems as it is made up of quality material and can withstand tough conditions and rigorous usage and also, it can be kept free of dust and hazardous substances as it is washable.

What is an industrial keyboard?

Out of the many benefits that an industrial keyboard can manifest, some of them are as follows –

– Withstand tough conditions and rugged usage.
– Silicone keyboard material to give it a longer life.
– Integrated mouse button for better function.
– It’s a high performance keyboard with Hall Effect.

Give these keyboards a chance and see the difference for yourself

A sure to impress quality product, this is way different than what you would have experienced with a regular keyboard. This is majorly owing to the factors as listed below –

– Total number of keys count to 86 with key switch technology which has gold plated domes.
– The keyboard can be submerged into any liquid or chemical without being damaged.
– It can have VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting on request.
– The keyboard possesses pointer that is suitable for usage with gloves too.
– The material of the keyboard is high quality and is made to stand tough conditions prevailing usually in factories, industries and business houses. This is due to a large number of workers working and using the equipment, during work hours.

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