Medical Keyboard

Medical Keyboard

The need to protect everyone around

Whenever you enter the hospital, you see a proper hygiene followed for everything. Be it you, the doctor, picking up your instruments wearing medical gloves, or using the face mask while going in for a medical surgery / operation etc. Just for a moment, think what if on your return you do not follow hygiene, you would be running the risk of making the other people around, vulnerable to the many diseases, including yourself. Same is the case with the other staff that comes in doing different jobs, carrying germs, or bloodstains touching things of utility like the keyboard, mouse or anything. On the other hand, it goes without saying for patients entering the hospital. A patient obviously carries foreign, infectious bodies which may easily get transmitted through contact, to the others.

Such cases and many more like it, put lives at risk of communicable diseases that can spread through contact of infected articles. For these situations, unlike normal, hospitals prefer using medical keyboards to maintain and practice precaution.

What is a medical keyboard?

You stand to gain a lot from medical grade keyboards in terms of –

– Waterproof material: Its usability has been enhanced and it can withstand such conditions of accidental spillovers, which often damage the normal keyboards.
– Easily cleanable: Low on maintenance; requires least of cleaning and up keep, without attracting too much dust, easily washable in case of bloodstains and repelling small nuisances’.
– Tried and tested quality: Passing all the quality checks by an expert team, the product is manufactured using best-in-class material to give it a premium built quality.
– Chinese products at bay: The quality and sustainability of this product makes it desirable and much sought after product over Chinese imports that flooded the markets all the while.

Where lays the difference?

Apart from the above stated attributes, the medical grade keyboards provide quality a cut above the normal keyboards that we use for our personal usage. Here is where the main differences manifest –

– The keyboards are provided with backlight to ensure clear visibility.
– Glove friendly typing ensures that you or your staffs do not have to worry about using it with your safety gear on.
– Sufficient cord length to give you all the convenience.
– Minimal / no space between keys on the board for warding off the undesirable dust and other substances.
– Least noise on click.
– It is stain free (blood patches).
– Keeps clear of microorganisms for the purpose of precaution against infections.

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