Trackballs for Industrial environments

Trackballs for Industrial environments

How precision affects your industrial work?

Modern technological advancements have made room for increased automated processes and industry. This in turn leads to the requirement for a full function computer control, both keyboard and pointer. Amongst many other variants available, liquid resistant technology has evolved to meet those needs. The pointer in this situation is often a trackball.

Industries like general processing, automation; automotive, metal processing units etc. require such operations. Automated production is usually set up from within a program. The program requires keyboard and pointer access to use. For such industries, there are certain functions that cannot be performed manually, and requires the assembling function to have a pin point precision.

For the processing industries, where there are multiple stations or consoles, there is a need for a separate keyboard and trackball to manage and monitor different and continuous production processes.

What are the features of an industrial trackball?

Typically trackballs are pointing devices with attached sensors to detect the movement of the ball. There is a wide use involving the trackballs these days owing to the multiple features it is equipped with for the industrial environments –

– Vandal proof: These devices are made from stainless steel and resist tampering.
– Shaft and bearing: These are traditional trackballs with that have been utilized for long now due to its trusted technology. These are reasonably durable with cost on the lower side.
– Optical trackballs: Liquid resistant, no moving parts.
– ‘Z’ axis, allows a 3rd axis of control, commonly used for the zoom feature on cameras.
– USB, or PS/2 connection and choice of orientations.
– Other features also include easy removable balls, back light option, and other customization options available.

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