Trackballs for Theatrical Lighting and Sound Editing

Trackballs for Theatrical Lighting and Sound Editing

Why does light / sound editing, now require precision?

Similar to the video editing aspects, light and sound editing have come off age to show case high complex functional outputs. Due to technological advancements, implementation of DMX512 protocol for control of theatrical lighting and related devices has brought about new horizons of possibilities.

Certain areas of application that are related to light and sound editing are sound mix systems, light control systems etc. Light and sound effects have to be flexible and accurate enough to create a better watching and listening experience for their audience to appreciate.

There is a growing need for trackballs for sound and lighting mixing desks. These are complex control leads – with smaller devices used when space is at a premium, and larger where minute control is the priority. A typical stage, like a provincial theatre or cruise ship, can have 30+ individual lights, many with 3 axes’ to control.

How trackballs come in handy for this task?

Light and sound editing procedures are no layman’s work. It requires precision to bring out the desired effects and quality. Trackballs are helping to assist the sound and light technicians since they have the following features –

– Optical tracking of ball movement: A completely waterproof construction with the only moving part being the balls, this is the latest generation of the optical tracking technology.
– Laser tracking: This is again an innovation that helps a number of features, allows flexibility, and provides reliability.
– Z-Axis tracker technology: One of the most prominent aspects includes its tracking ability in the third axis too. Hence, it can be used where z-axis input / control is required.
– Ball sizes from a compact 19mm to 50mm

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