Trackballs for Video Editing

Trackballs for Video Editing

How precision makes video editing much easier than before?

With digital modernization, video editing has advanced leaps and bounds. Presently, video editors are constantly using best solutions to bring out the most surreal experience for their users and viewers around the world.

Video editing requires a plethora of complex processes for broadcast consoles. It requires Z axis movement, in the form of an integrated ring. Z axis is required in such cases as they offer an easy control to offer the ‘jog-shuttle’ or even enhanced features like lighting fixtures.

Enter trackballs suited for a premium video editing experience. These trackballs, among other things, have the advantage of z-axis. This makes it very effective while working on something that requires complex inputs and with high precision.

How useful are trackballs for video editing?

There has been a great revolution in the way technology has shaped the video and graphics. Video editing has been a very important aspect in the entertainment industry and other related fields. Trackballs help video editors achieve that extra precision to bring out the best. These devices are useful owing to these stand-out features –

– The convenience of Z-axis: Extra axis added to the video editing makes the experience of the videos much more brilliant and surreal. This quality wasn’t achievable with normal mouse pointers.
– Laser & Optical tracking: This is another fine feature related to the trackballs. They are very much suited for the most demanding of applications like video editing, sound mixing and light editing etc.
– Liquid resistance: Offers clean-ability, valuable for a mixing desk with multiple users for many hours each day.

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