Theatres/auditoriums can be full of nuisances. Here is the best way to filter them out.

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How cool would it have been when the theatres actually came into being in Greece?

Did they actually have ticket system then?  We can’t be sure actually.

Heard about the magic lantern shows? Or the silent films? Yeah, you heard that right, you could have dubbed for the movie yourself.

But that didn’t happen ever. It used to be eerie silent!

Yes, one thing is for sure, they would have been enjoying the show much more than people going to theatres and auditoriums now.

Don’t you agree?

Well, let’s check out some thugs (not literally but a theatrical jargon) that tend to enter these not-so-colossal places.

  • Just when you turn red in the face due to the boring script, you get a kick in the back of the seat!
    The Late comers – Happens when you actually rush in the theatre after 20 minutes.
  • Somebody press the red button for him! Yes you got that right, it’s the busiest person in town who cannot keep his phone silent / not attend it for a couple of hours.
    The Smarty Phony Guy – Didn’t you hear about the mobile phone patents?
  • Get a room for yourself! Exactly, these are the most noisy people around (squeaky noise actually).
    The lovey-doveys – Rather than booking tickets to the theatre, try booking a hotel room instead.
  • Imagine, you and your partner looking out for your seat in the dark, run into this whacky guy with two of his wackiest friends loitering your cinema space?
    The Actual thugs – It goes without saying that people coming in for free are the biggest nuisance.

Manage these and other security concerns with the best access control systems.

These are fully automatic, tamper proof, POE access keypads and an electronic door lock. With these systems around, you yourself can watch the film sitting in the platinum class. No more nuisances!

Now you have the remote control to your pleasurable watching experience.

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