This great innovation can withstand most industrial chemicals without affecting it!

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Thinking about chemical reactions, brings back the disgusting feel of a subject many disliked. Let’s not take names! LOL!

Chemical reactions are phenomenon happening all the time, somewhere or the other. Obviously, we are not going to speak about the Periodic table!

Isn’t it true that reactions take place and change the state? Well yes, it does.

Majorly, industrial chemicals cause more harm than they are brought to productive usage. Chemical spill-overs not only affect man, but also damage the equipment around.

If facts are anything to go by, chemical spill-overs have caused a huge loss in terms of money. The equipment used in the industries is mostly non-resilient to the harmful and powerful chemicals used.


All said and done, there is a great innovation that actually doesn’t care about these chemicals and their reactions on it.

It’s a Keyboard!

Yes, you heard it right. Although, it is nothing like the conventional ones, we use in our systems, but highly sophisticated Industrial Keyboards. These keyboards stand their ground even in the toughest of the situations and environments.


They repel water and chemical products, they can be easily wiped off dust and other non-desirable particles. They are silicon made, to make it durable and last long than normal keyboards. Total number of keys count to 86 with key switch technology which has gold plated domes.

Hence, too many workers using these industrial keyboards won’t spoil it! Use these industrial keyboards – Ruf-n-Tuf!

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