This small gadget can save you the ever missing lab equipment. Curious to know about it?

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A lot can happen over experiments in Science labs!

In the next 2-3 minutes of the duration of this article, I’ll run you through the things that tend to go missing in the lab.

Any guesses??

Did you just think of an iPhone? Well, yes actually they do get stolen a lot, everywhere. LOL!

Jokes apart, let’s get down with actual laboratory ware.

  • An Autoclave tape: Yes, it is used in autoclaving to indicate something. That’s it.
    LOL – I just can’t get it, why to steel something that simple?
  • Test tube brushes: Duh! This might be for dusting things at home.
    LOL – Get a bigger one guys!
  • Kim wipes: That is unbelievable but true. Many a times people tend to take away these in replacement to the normal wipes.
    LOL – You shouldn’t use these for your car or while breaking down over your ex.
  • Pipettes: They are used for dispensing measured amount of liquids.
    LOL – I’m still guessing as to how could that come in handy?
  • Utensils: Well, what could anyone say? Desperate times indeed.
    LOL – You can get better quality fork and spoons at a store near you.


Oh! I forgot one most precious thing that gets lost most often – Common sense! Hence, accidents happen..

LOL – Yes, you often loose that in a laboratory as soon as you enter it and get into those dull robes.

Just looking at this never ending list of lost equipment (abstract things included), you need to get a hold on such incidents. For that, a fully automatic, access control, POE keypads can come in handy. They provide you the best way to regulate access in and out of the labs during work hours and even except that.

The Ethernet bridge allows unsurpassed flexibility over access rights.

Go for this access control device and save your other precious lab ware. (We can’t still guarantee about the common sense part, but you sure have managed without that earlier and so you could now. LOL!) 

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