Video editing has just reached to all new dimensions!

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Digitally speaking, “The Harry” was the first all-digital video editing and effects loaded film. Having said that, it could only record and apply effects up to 80 seconds max.

This was owing to the limitations the field of video editing owing to lack of precision and advanced technology. This incident is only 30 years old.


Digital revolution came into mainstream only 15-20 years back. The video editors were totally almost stuck with analog methods. Must have been like days to come up with a shot.

Can you recall the primary video editing codec of the early 90’s?

Well, surely if you were born in mid-80’s.

Jokes apart, it was the Avid/1 Media Composer.

Can you recall the 1st digitally edited film to win the Oscars?

No suspense this time, “The English Patient”!

Can you think of something that actually helped in all this transcendence of the video editing technology to cutting edge video editing technology?


Yes, now you guessed it right. Track balls.

Beating the mouse, which actually gave people some hard time with callouses, track balls added new dimensions to the video and film editing world. In addition, track balls had precision, liquid resistance and its clean ability features, all adding to its ergonomic design and wide applicability.

Pretty sure about one thing though – Nobody would be using a touch pad for editing!

Precise physical interfaces can only be experienced with Trackballs.    

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