Why the defense forces use this device rather than the rodent (computer mouse)?

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In Soviet Russia, Military mouse tracks you!

That seems like the actual utilization of a pointer device, doesn’t it? No, it seems like they take things literally and way too seriously.

Anyways, US defense forces use pointers to target better things.

Did you know?

Before the “computer mouses” (Oxford English recognizes it as an acceptable word) came into being, there was another invention related to pointing devices.

No, we are definitely not referring to the missiles or ancient weapons – arrows.

We are talking about something that is actually used to shape the trajectories of modern missiles, their movements, and track stealth attacks by enemies and a lot more. Yes, remember the Hollywood flick The Bourne Legacy, when the intelligent agencies try to locate Jason Bourne in the forests, in the starting scenes.

Let’s raise the curtains now on this! It’s the Trackball!


Yes, these are pointing devices now used widely. No, they aren’t modern marvels, not really.

These came before the mice started running and pointing at things on your computer devices. Yes, trackballs came into being in 1948 while the rodents came around in 1963.

These balls can dare tough conditions!

Yes, no jokes here. They are designed to withstand harsh environments, absorb vibrations and shocks, and are extremely robust products used in many military applications, especially in radar firing.

Please, do not treat them like you do the rodents, when you get angry. Well I’m referring to the ‘mouse rage’.


Since they keep a low profile than the omnipresent “mouses”, trackballs started catching eyeballs only in 1990s. They require less space for movements but can track more efficiently and effectively without limitations relating to virtual movement even for PlayStations’ gaming geeks.


So make sure you get the right balls (trackballs) for the best experience! (No jokes, please)

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