You think jumping checkpoints or breaking-in is easy? Let’s change your mind on that…

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A Seriously Fun fact!

One of the biggest security break downs happened at the first state dinner of President Obama in 2009. Well yes, people were able to gate crash and escape two check points.

You never knew this, did you? Read on…

You must be thinking jumping a checkpoint is no big deal? Then take this for instance – A home is broken into every 13 seconds.

Shocked? Yes you could easily break-in.

A few decades back, you could only find simple deadbolts on house doors. Gate keeping was the norm. Ever enquired your oldies as to what security measures were applied back in the day? Well, it sure was minimal.

What do you think would have been the reason? Were the valuables not valuable enough back then? The Solution – An innovative security access system.

Oh yes, one more fact for you!

 Just 17% of the houses in the USA have security systems.

Access and authorization is a major concern. People barging in and out 24×7, who’s who, it’s all a big menace to keep control over, especially the ones who you don’t wish to give the access to.

OK, this fact will surely sweep you off the ground – Two thirds of burglaries happen during the day time.

Well no more now. Check out this new security device –

An electronic keypad to control door lock access is one of the prime security systems to provide a top notch protection and access rights wherever the need arises. A highly sophisticated, fully automated, POE, door lock control, allows you to control rights and vary as needed.

The best part of this keypad and electronic lock control – No tampering/damage issues.

You need to do a lot to get through as it is vandal resistant.

So go ahead and get it when you know you need it now the most, than ever before.

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